World in brief: Feb 24, 2010


Feb. 19 marked the anniversary of the USSR’s most generous gift – Crimea. Soviet leader Khrushchev officially handed over the republic in 1954. Ever since, pro-Russia activists have begged the question, “Nikita, what have you done?”

Bad drivers of Britain beware: a “No Excuses” campaign to counter driver inattention is in effect. The New York Times reported that, considering human error is behind nearly 90 per cent of car crashes, “There’s no such thing as a dangerous road.”

The Moscow Times reported that Josef Stalin billboards are going up in downtown Moscow for the May 9 Victory Day celebrations. Moscow City Hall defended the decision, saying the display will archive the Soviet win over Nazi Germany.

The BBC reports that a school in Pennsylvania is facing legal action for spying on students via remotely activated webcams on laptops. It is alleged that embarrassing images, containing “various stages of dress or undress,” were captured on film.

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