World in Brief: Dec. 2, 2009

Seven bulls have escaped on the set of Knight & Day, a film starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, directed by James Mangold.

According to Salon News, the bulls rampaged through the downtown area through to the nearby beach, slightly injuring two people.
–Compiled by Alexandros Mitsiopoulos

According to the BBC, two people have been executed over last year’s baby milk scandal that has left six dead and thousands ill.

The baby milk powder was said to contain melamine, a chemical used as a countertop varnish.
–Compiled by Alexandros Mitsiopoulos

USA Today has reported that a new sport called Buzkashi, or “goat grabbing,” has swept the Afghan nation.

Aspiring to become an Olympic sport, Buzkashi involves fighting over a headless animal’s carcass on horseback.
–Compiled by Alexandros Mitsiopoulos

The BBC reports that Rom Houben, diagnosed as being in a vegetative state 23 years ago, appears to have been conscious the whole time.

Originally it was believed to be in an irreversible coma; however, it appears he was simply unable to communicate.
–Compiled by Alexandros Mitsiopoulos

The Moscow Times reports that an explosion triggered by seven kilos of TNT caused the derailment of the luxury Nevsky Express.
While the Russian press has laid blame on Chechen separatists, no group has yet to claim responsibility for the act.
After a second bombing of a train in Dagestan Monday, the Kremlin denounced both attacks as acts of terror.
–Compiled by Paula Millar

According to the New York Times, stigma of social welfare fades as use of the once scorned United States food stamp program soars to record numbers.
Reportedly, food stamps feed one in eight American adults and one in four children today.
–Compiled by Paula Millar