Dec. 2, 2009

“You know what I hate? People who are ballsy in a fucking crowd. Go to a ticket box. Get your fucking money back and shut the fuck up!”
–Matt Good during a performance at Centre in the Square on Monday night

“Everyone is changing … but Canada is staying the same.”
–Third-year Laurier student Emily Slofstra, who will be travelling to Copenhagen to attend the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference

“I think you can’t live a life without fear, otherwise you get into a mind state where you feel you’re untouchable and the moment you start feeling that, especially in this industry, you’re done for.”
–Prevail of Swollen Members, playing Dec. 3 at the Starlight in Waterloo

“There you go. End of rant.”
–Laurier professor Peter Eglin, when concluding an interview with The Cord