World in Brief: Dec. 10, 2010


CNN reports international criticism of Uganda’s new law against homosexuality. In Uganda today, as a result of this new law, relations with a person of the same sex are now punishable with up to two years in prison.


According to USA Today, a 45 year old man dressed as an elf to have his picture taken with a mall Santa Claus has been arrested. When it was his turn, he had told Santa he was carrying dynamite in his bag. He is currently facing charges of making terrorist threats.


The BBC reports that two men sustained injuries following an explosion after removing an anti-Semitic sign. The sign, which read “Death to Jews”, was rigged to detonate when it was pulled from the ground.


The Ministry of Defense has finally closed its UFO investigations unit on December 1 after more than 50 years of operations. The BBC reported that these resources will now be “focused on the top priorities – the front line in Afghanistan”.