WLU athlete, Rashari Henry, starts student athlete blog

Photo by Serena Gill
Photo by Serena Gill

Rashari Henry is one of many student athletes at Wilfrid Laurier University, but that is not what makes him unique.

Henry, a defensive lineman for the Golden Hawks football team is both an honours economics student and the founder of the Stath Blog (student athlete blog).

Henry has the experience and knowledge to start up the Stath Blog and create the ultimate online hub for student athletes around the world to connect.

It’s a chance for student athletes to show what actually went into that stellar season.

People think it happens naturally but there’s actually a lot of work and struggle that goes into having success in sport and academics,” Henry said.

From highlight tapes to fast and nutritious recipes for athletes on the go, The Stath Blog is hoping to have it all.

The Stath Blog was designed to not only to connect student athletes with each other, but also to allow fans, coaches and family members to learn more about the athletes and truly hear and understand their backround, experiences and stories

Most athletes know how strong the bond is between teammates and this bond and support system is also what the Stath Blog is trying to create online.

Henry is hoping that the blog becomes a support system for other student athletes.

Laurier itself has definitely put out a lot of resources for student athletes … Laurier has definitely upped their game a lot.

-Rashari Henry, Stath Blog founder

“Whether it’s time management, to dealing with your first-year of university,” Henry said. He wants to the Stath Blog to be student athletes’ hub for everything.

“A lot of first-years make the same mistakes and although some mistakes are good to make and learn from, some of them can be quite detrimental,” he said.

The Stath Blog will also act as a resource for high school students. Henry remembers being overwhelmed and confused when trying to pick a school that was the best fit for him academically and athletically.

He knew that this was something that has needed to be addressed for a while.

Henry said that, although accommodating student athletes may not be the same across Canada, Laurier does do a really good job at helping their students out.

“Laurier itself has definitely put out a lot of resources for student athletes, whether it’s study hall, academic mentors and support for mental health, Laurier has definitely upped their game a lot,” said Henry.

Henry also noted that you can never do enough to help your surrounding community and that there is always more that can be done to help student athletes out.

People often fortget how much work that these athletes have to do off the field in their sport as well as their academic careers.

The Stath blog has seen much success since being launced and now has campus ambassadors in many university campuses all across Canaada.

The Stath Blog is looking for more people to get involved in many areas of their business including business development, marketing and sponsorships.

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