Wintersleep deliver charming performance

Wintersleep played at Starlight on Oct. 19 to an eager crowd, showcasing an array of songs from current and past albums.

Opening act Rah Rah from Regina, Saskatchewan started the night with their indie rock sound.

The band ripped through songs with members switching between instruments nearly every song.

Unique additions like violin and accordion really enhanced their sound and performance.

Speaking with The Cord after the set, drummer and vocalist Erin Passmore stated, “It was a lot of fun playing here. I was a bit nervous at first because we don’t usually play to this many people.”

She then joked, “It helped that I didn’t have my glasses so I couldn’t see the crowd, that gave me some added confidence.”

Following Rah Rah, Wintersleep took to the stage, opening with “A Long Flight” and “Encyclopedia.”

The rhythm section produced a lot of energy and the distorted guitar sounds complemented the poppy piano hooks. The expressive and upbeat music got the crowd tapping along with their feet.

Lead singer Paul Murphy’s raspy vocals were reminiscent of Bob Dylan’s — but with a hint of maritime flare added in.

The band’s set was dynamic with segues from harder rock to softer melodic songs.

The at times dark guitar and eerie distortion made for an outstanding audience experience.

The band also played “Dead Letter & The Infinite Yes,” a soft rock piece with uplifting lyrics that are hauntingly beautiful.

“Weighty Ghost” came off as an epic mellow pop anthem and got a huge response from the crowd, who swayed and sang along.

The band finished up with an encore including tunes like “Miasmal Smoke” and “Mausoleum.”

Each were great songs in their own right, producing a near cinematic experience. The songs were very atmospheric and left the crowd in awe.

The Cord asked guitarist Mike Bigelow about the gig and he replied, “The show was great. We have played here a few times and it’s always been good.”

Speaking about the evolution of the band, Bigelow said, “The line-ups have changed, so that may contribute to the change in sound.

This last record we have had more permanent members and felt more like a band with Paul writing lyrics and the rest giving suggestions and bouncing ideas off each other. We really work well as a unit now.”

He added “We like it and we enjoy it so we work really hard. It’s a constant progression.”

Wintersleep’s set was in perfect harmony with the Starlight venue and they delivered an awesome performance.

Arguably one of Canada’s best up and coming bands, their latest CD New Inheritors is out now.