Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications Election Platforms


Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications Election Platforms

Candidates for President & Publisher

Matt Burley

During my two years with Wilfrid Laurier Student Publications, I’ve met many people, seen many things and fought a few battles. However, one thing has remained consistent through this time; putting out quality journalism. Over the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of being the Sputnik’s Arts and Culture editor, a member of the Board of Directors and the WLUSP Brantford office assistant. By taking on these rolls, I’ve obtained a firm understanding of WLUSP and have picked up on it’s strengths and weaknesses.

I plan to take these weaknesses and make them our strengths while maintaining consistency in areas in which we already excel.

I have pride in my work and I’m extremely proud of WLUSP and what it has accomplished. WLUSP is a platform for young journalists aiming to accomplish great things. I can only hope to help them achieve these goals, through strong communication skills, knowledge of journalistic ethics and the experience I have gained from my time at WLUSP. I am aware that to be able to do this, I must divide my attention equally between both the Brantford and Waterloo campuses. I feel that by efficiently organizing my time with both campuses, all of our publications will continue to put out award winning journalism, while reaching heights that were previously unimaginable.

Andreas Patsiaouros

Throughout my four years with WLUSP I have worked as Photo Editor, Online Editor, Advertising Assistant and Keystone EIC.  These roles have allowed me to grow into the organization and understand its fundamental workings, including content creation, training methods, revenue generation and more. 

I chose Laurier for the very reason to join WLUSP and I started by volunteer for The Cord.  As time went on I branched into new roles, seeing the value in each new experience.  It wasn’t always easy but it certainly felt right.  It was when I was awarded Volunteer of the Year that it really sunk in how much I not only loved investing myself into The Cord, but how great it felt to create bonds with other departments. 

My understanding of the benefits of such collaboration is vital to strategizing the new year.  My biggest goal is strengthening ties between Waterloo and Brantford publications, as I believe this is where the largest room for potential lies.  There will always be limitations to how we operate.  But, as a leader it is important to know how to seek out the best solution for everyone and value the volunteers that make WLUSP what it is.  For that reason alone, I will continually work to make next year the most rewarding that it can in the most effective way that we can do so.

I would be honoured to be the President and Publisher for Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications as another great year unfolds.

Candidates for Board of Directors

Lisa Irimescu

As a Director of Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications (WLUSP) I aim to assist the organization by providing the Laurier community with informative and engaging publications. With this in mind, I pursue a policy of transparency between the Board and WLUSP volunteers by relaying all available and appropriate information back as to ensure the Board is in agreement with volunteer interests. Additionally, I would like to place emphasis on accountability, such that not only can volunteers access information on Board activity but volunteers can exchange opinions with Board members, to the extent that they can expect members will follow through with prescribed objectives and organizational values of ethical behavior. Lastly, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to the Board given my passion for and corresponding real world experience as a radio host in the broadcasting sphere. Ultimately, as a Board member, I aspire to support WLUSP in all capacities.

Noa Salamon

Over the past two years, I have had the pleasure of volunteering at Radio Laurier as a member of the News Production team and as Public Relations manager. These positions have equipped me with a distinct set of skills to produce quality content in collaboration with other talented, committed individuals. If elected as Director of the Board, I will strive to make WLUSP a more cohesive and publicly accessible organization that reflects the hard work of our members. I will accomplish this by continuing to strengthen the communication between volunteers at our Waterloo and Brantford campuses, ensuring that all publications are meticulously reviewed for improvement and compliance with the law, and remaining transparent in our communication with the Wilfrid Laurier student body. As a second year Communication Studies student, my passion for news publishing, public relations, and creative expression makes me an ideal candidate for this position.

Alex Vialette

My name is Alex Vialette and I am in my second year at Laurier studying Journalism on the Brantford campus. I have been working with WLUSP since day one, working with both The Sputnik and Radio Laurier. Through working in both these positions I have made myself familiar with staff on both campuses, and I believe that this is an essential aspect to being a director operating in Brantford. Being familiar with the volunteers and staff on both campuses makes it much easier to approach me and has given me perspective other nominees may not have.

As a director, I hope to ensure that decisions made by the board are educated, to help expand the WLUSP volunteer base, and represent WLUSP Brantford in the decision making process.

Ben Cooke

My name is Ben Cooke and I’m a third year journalism student. As someone who has worked for WLUSP since their first year here. If elected, I plan to extend the passion I have gained onto the Board. My decisions will be completely reflective in the best interest of the school and the needs of the students. As such, we have an opportunity to adapt and evolve the journalistic landscape to fit the needs of our society. It’s our duty to make sure our integrity is at the forefront of our work. I’m looking forward to work and create with the many talented people that come through the WLUSP offices.

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