What “Vienna” by Billy Joel teaches us

I don’t know about you, but I love listening to music, especially songs that have a deeper meaning behind the lyrics. I found a perfect song – “Vienna” by Billy Joel – that does just this. It is an excellent song for anyone, especially for students feeling stressed out about what to do next in their degree, or in the next steps in life. Here are some lyrics that have great meaning behind them. Of course – everyone might have a different interpretation of this song. 

“Slow down you’re doing fine”

This lyric is telling us to calm down and not worry so much! A lot of the time, we become so worried and stressed out. We have to try and slow down and take life day by day. Despite what we think – we are doing just great in life. 

“Only fools are satisfied”

There is so much to do in our lives – it is hard to get everything done. This lyric means that you cannot rush your passions and desires in life. Those who rush their goals in life – reach them early on and stop working hard for what they want. This lyric is telling us to stop rushing our desires and to take time to reach our goals. 

“You can get what you want or you can just get old”

We can get what we want and work hard or we can let life slip through our fingers and never reach our goals. There is time to work hard and get what we want done. If you don’t at least try, life will continue and then one day we’ll be old with nothing accomplished. 

“When will you realize… Vienna waits for you?”

I think in this lyric, Vienna could be referencing life. Life waits for you, and you do not have to work yourself out so hard and become burnt out in your youthful years. It is okay to take days off and rest your mind and body. 

The messages in Billy Joel’s Vienna are important reminders for students and audiences in general who can find comfort in this song.

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