Warriors give UW admin 24-hour deadline

Let them play, or they won’t stay.

Such is the ultimatum laid down by the University of Waterloo Warriors: if progress to reverse the suspension of the men’s football program is not made by 1 p.m. tomorrow (June 18th), players will begin procedures to transfer to different universities.

A mass transfer of players would almost certainly end UW’s prospects of fielding a football team for the upcoming season, and could have long-term implications for the future of the school’s football program.

Earlier this week, men’s football at UW was suspended for one year after nine of the team’s players tested positive for steroid use.

“[The players] need to know that the university wants them here,” said Carl Zender, former assistant coach. “Just take a moment to care. The kids want to know that they have a chance to play here.”

At a press conference held earlier this afternoon, a panel of Warriors players, coaches and recruits spoke critically of the suspension.

“We condone the suspension of the players who tested positive. But our question is, why go further?” said Luke Balch, the Warriors’ quarterback.

Contrary to earlier rumours, Zender emphasized that the Warriors are not presently considering legal action against the university.

“We don’t want [a lawsuit] to be the case. We want common sense to prevail,” he said.