Where to eat on Valentine’s Day

Food and love have always been close companions. Where you take your date to eat can really determine how the rest of your night goes, especially on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Food - ONLINE WillThe Bauer Kitchen

The Bauer Kitchen has a reputation for being one of the highest quality restaurants in Waterloo. While you won’t find a cheap meal here, the food is definitely well worth the prices.

They describe their cuisine as “Soho inspired” and have familiar menu items like nachos and burgers, but also more upscale options like striploin steak, gourmet pizzas and duck confit. Their menu also includes a rather extensive drink selection.

While their regular menu will be available on Valentine’s Day, there will also be special features available such as a pork and duck duo and a seafood dish. The Bauer Kitchen’s delicious food and dimly-lit atmosphere is bound to make any date one to remember.

Valentine's Food - ONLINE Will 3Red House

Head chef of Red House Dan McCowan got his start within the Charcoal Group as the head chef of both Del Dante and The Bauer Kitchen. That being said, Red House has the outstanding cuisine of big name Charcoal Group restaurants without all the theatrics.

Red House is intimate, cozy and is located in an area that takes you away from all the hustle and bustle of uptown Waterloo. For Valentine’s Day, the menu will include sablefish, a lamb trio, chicken and lobster. They also offer an outstanding Saturday brunch, so if Valentine’s Day dinner seems too overwhelming you can have a romantic brunch instead.

Valentine's Food - ONLINE Will 5Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

Pizza and romance go hand in hand. There’s something about melted cheese and carbs that make any Valentine’s Day perfect. Famoso is definitely the least overwhelming of all the options listed. While it’s not your average Pizza Hut, Famoso offers fantastic gourmet pizzas without blowing your budget or listing ingredients you can’t pronounce.

They also have an incredible choice of Italian salads such as Caprese and Napoli, as well as several different choices of fire roasted pizzas such as basic, Korean BBQ pork and spicy Thai.

Famoso is the most inexpensive on this list, while still maintaining the intimate, cozy atmosphere that you and your significant other look for on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Food - ONLINE Will 4Wildcraft

Wildcraft has been my restaurant of choice for the past two Valentine’s Days. They have a lot of great shareable starters and salads that make it possible to have a delicious meal without having to buy a $30 steak.

Several of Wildcraft’s menu items have an Asian flare, such as taro chip nachos and short rib antijitos, but there are also familiar basics such as fettuccine and burgers. For Valentine’s Day, Wildcraft will also have specials such as rainbow trout, lamb shank and sweet and spicy chicken.


-Compiled by Bethany Bowles and Photos by Will Huang


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