UPDATE: Man accused in fatal Kitchener stabbing captured in Texas

Ager Mohsin Hasan, a 24-year-old Hamilton resident who is charged with the second-degree murder of Kitchener resident Melinda Vasilije, was arrested in Texas on Tuesday.

In May, a user on the website Reddit claiming to be Hasan authored a post implicating himself in the fatal stabbing of Vasilije, claiming that the act was in self-defence. The post was later removed from Reddit.

Hasan has been on the run in the United States since Vasilije was found dead in her apartment on April 28. According to The Waterloo Record, Hasan currently faces three counts of breach of recognizance for an alleged break-and-enter and alleged assaults at Vasilije’s apartment on April 3.

On Monday, an individual claiming to be Hasan uploaded an Instagram post saying he was going to turn himself in. The post read: “I’m coming home. It’s time to end the dark path I’ve been travelling and give people the closure they deserve.”

The Waterloo Regional Police Services have been in sporadic communication with Hasan through email, and have worked closely with U.S. law enforcement agencies for assistance in finding Hasan. The WRPS stated he had been on the run around the south of the U.S. border since Vasilije’s death.

In May, Hasan was seen in Tennessee where he was recognized as a wanted man.

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