Unsigned: Laurier community’s fast response to current events


In the news the past few weeks, there have been many scary examples of intolerance around the world. From Trump’s Muslim ban to the mosque massacre in Quebec City, it’s a scary time for Laurier’s Muslim community.

We can’t comment on what other schools did in response to these tragedies, but we were impressed with the fast response from the Laurier community.

There’s no denying that Laurier has a pretty white campus. By acknowledging the struggles of minorities and standing in solidarity with them, our community is showing that these types of actions will not be accepted.

Those with systematic privilege must help those without the inherent privilege. Laurier has recognized that in the past few weeks.

For those of us with the privilege not to be immediately concerned, the events that Laurier, both at Waterloo and Brantford, bridge the gap.

People are still experiencing trauma about the violence that’s happening all over the world and we need to listen.

Creating educational opportunities that are applicable to the real world is the whole point of university.

We have to listen to the people who are actually affected by intolerance and attempt to make their lives more comfortable.

Though many of us didn’t know these events or safe spaces were being offered until after they passed, we hope the people who needed the safe spaces and were looking for somewhere to go were able to attend and feel included in the community.

These events should hit home for all of our students. The intolerance isn’t a world away — our neighbours and classmates need our support and we need to give it to them.

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