Unsigned: An open letter to our Yates Cup winning football team

As your season draws to a close, we just wanted to send our regards for what an awesome run you had this year.

We’re such a small school compared to Western and Laval. You proved that we should be taken seriously, despite our size.

We’ve never seen more excitement over a sport in our school in our time as we saw when you won the Yates Cup.

How many people can say they played in a national level competition? Not many.

You also gave us an invaluable opportunity — we got to report on that prestigious national game.

That’s something for our resumes that we wouldn’t have been able to get without your accomplishments.

You were surely not worried about the exposure were playing, but those of us who watched on SportsNet saw an advertisement for Laurier during almost every commercial break. That’s nothing but good for our school.

Because of you, we’re being recognized. Because of you, we’re on the national stage. You did our school a great service, just from trying your best and working hard. That’s the true Laurier spirit in all of us and we saw it in you.

It’s evident that our team has been improving by leaps and bounds since Michael Faulds took over as bench boss.

We’re going up. We didn’t peak at the Yates Cup. You inspired the next round of Laurier players.

We hope you look back on this season with such fond memories. We also hope that you look at the rookies in the coming years and know that they’re here, at least in part, because of what you accomplished this season.

Thank you for making us proud to be Laurier Golden Hawks.

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