University is about finding yourself and what you truly love

Garphic by Philip Su
Garphic by Philip Su

Society often has such rigid expectations of who you should become. We are constantly blasted with strict ideologies about what jobs are respectable, what hobbies are more popular and which lifestyle choices are acceptable and which ones are not.

With that being said, I am here to tell you that it is completely acceptable to do what you truly enjoy. In fact, I believe that you do your best work when you are doing what you love.

University is all about finding yourself. It is about breaking out of the metaphorical cage that society has placed you in your entire life. If you take a minute to consider all the benefits of following your passion, you will understand what I am talking about.

When you do what you are interested in, I believe that you are more likely to excel. This is because you are naturally motivated to put in more effort. The work you do doesn’t feel like a chore, but rather something you enjoy.

As a result, your desire to learn and grow are very high. In this way, following your passion is not only rewarding financially but also emotionally, because, at the end of the day, it will make you feel accomplished and content.

As an added bonus, your enthusiasm and desire to learn are often contagious, which means you are more likely to give off positive energy to inspire those around you.

For example, I have always enjoyed the idea of learning a second language. I studied French in depth throughout high school and when I came to university I considered taking it as an elective.

The idea of being bilingual appealed to me. After all, language does have the power to transcend cultural and geographical barriers.

Learning French made complete sense to me, personally. After all, the world economy is more integrated today than ever before and our dependence on international trade means learning a second language would be a good business decision.

This does not mean that there haven’t been struggles and difficulties along the way. If you think that just because you are good at something, there won’t be hurdles you have to leap along the way, then you are mistaken.

Today, I am proud to say that I am doing what I am truly interested in. When I go to French class, I am eager and prepared for the challenge.

This is why I believe that you should never be afraid to be ambitious. Do not give up on your dreams — whatever they may be — just because you feel that they are out of reach. Be prepared to challenge yourself and take calculated risks.

Even though something may be unpopular, if you love it, chances are that you will succeed at it. The beauty of a developed economy is that it provides chances for everyone. If you are good at something, there will be a market for it. You will have numerous opportunities to advance your career.

At the same time, if you have not found something that you truly enjoy yet, there is no reason to worry. You are not going to find your passion overnight.

University is a learning experience and this is why you should take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about yourself and what you truly enjoy.

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