Unexpected win for senate candidate

Jazz Clement was elected to senate as a student representative through WLUSU, although, in her own words, she wasn’t expecting to get the position.

“I didn’t campaign much myself,” she said following the announcement of the election results. “I’ve been really busy working on extra-curriculars, [so] I didn’t have a lot of time, but I knew this was something that I could do well.”

Currently a second-year student, Clement believes it was her involvement with the Laurier community in her first-year that enabled her to win. She also believes her name gained her recognition.

“I’m very approachable,” she continued. “I connect really well with students and I think that’s what makes me different than other candidates.”

Upon taking up her position on senate, Clement hopes to work more with the university, especially regarding the issue of fall reading week which she believes can still happen.

“I’m not promising anything … but I want to go into it and see what we can do for students,” she said.

Overall, her goal is to enhance the student experience while she is at Laurier.

While acclaimed candidate Luke Dotto was not present at the election night event, throughout the campaign process he expressed his disappointment in the lack of student interest in the senate. Neither Clement nor her fellow candidate Zahra Sultani submitted platforms or attended the open forum. Sultani was also not present on election night to provide her comments.

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