Understanding the need for adjustment to journalism


There is no denying that the future of journalism is unclear. We’ve seen constant layoffs, and the formats of long-time papers changing due to the evolving landscape.

The exchange of information is a rapidly changing field. With new resources continuing to surface in our technologically dependent society, newspapers as we know it need to find their place.

A demand for information will never die. Society requires news, regardless of where that news comes from. So what is the appeal to printed pages when info can be uploaded onto cellphones in a fraction of the time? Are papers being made obsolete by click bait, flashing newsfeeds, video clips and 140-character tweets? Are pixels replacing the printed page? What is the appeal of traditional media?

Perhaps some will never disregard the feeling of holding a newspaper, feeling the crinkling pages beneath their fingertips, being greeted at their door with their local paper and flipping through the latest developments.

Regardless of any ‘old school’ appeal, journalism is a charging train that does not stop for sentiment. Newspapers are changing, but journalism is growing stronger than ever before. Social media may be taking the wheel, but papers don’t need to jump out of the vehicle just yet.

They are not the anchor of our media’s history, they are the launching pad for greater innovation. For those that are still planning to find a career in news, all hope is not lost.  Instead of walking away, we must simply learn to adjust.

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