UBB bad for Canadian technology

UBB bad for Canadian technology

The overall lack of attention that the recent implementation of usage based billing (UBB) by most major Internet service providers (ISPs) is very troubling. They have been given permission to limit your usage if the internet to a set amount generally between 25GB and 100GB per month. Any usage beyond this will be charged in a way similar to over-using your minutes on your cell phone.

0The implications of this are far greater than simply not being able to watch as many movies online or download as many games.

Students rely on the computer more than ever to access online courses on
MyLearningSpace as well any downloading of media and articles for research and presentations. For those who live on their own, this means simple actions online can be more expensive and the last thing we want is more fees to worry about.

And, if that still doesn’t get under your skin, perhaps you would like to hear the real reasons for this policy. Since the influx of companies like Netflix and websites like Hulu, ISPs, who also often offer cable to their customers, have seen a decrease in subscriptions to their television services.

So now, instead of these ISPs needing to change with the times and adapt to the changing markets, they have permission to charge you, the customer, to make up for their failing policies and poor quality services.

Remember, you control your money, vote with your wallet and show the ISPs that UBB is not good for business. Without paying customers, they will have no usage to bill.

—Alexandra Orlando