Travelling through medieval times

This past Saturday, Waterloo was home to the 12th annual Medieval Faire held in Waterloo Park.

Director of operations Dwayne Price stated that the faire is “an awesome event where an eclectic group of people can get together and have a fun day.”

The festival is centered around the theme of a medieval story which includes a royal family, fairies and a jester. The festival was created by a group of medieval enthusiasts in order to excite others about medieval history.

Events such as rock climbing and face painting were some of the main attractions that helped make it a family-oriented festival.

The art of seizing a castle was demonstrated through the use of a battering ram.
It was also possible to improve long distance battle skills by practicing with a miniature catapult that was constructed for the faire.

All volunteers at the event were required to wear clothing typical of medieval times, and actors such as the royal family stayed in character with diction appropriate to the time.

Dressing up was popular and encouraged from visitors as it helped to heighten the event atmosphere.

Food was also accurately dated with the medieval era; one could enjoy a turkey leg. along with a goblet of ale.

Historical accuracy was attempted in all the day’s events, which made the festival both informative and enjoyable.

An interview with the king and queen of Mearth highlighted that a peaceful era has come across the land.

Their majesties stated that, “We are only down to two knights,” though they did not see this as a problem because “things are relatively safe and we don’t need them.”

The fact that there was “no sea in Mearth” made the king and queen confident they would not be attacked by pirates.