Transparency needed in WCH thefts

CordUnsignedUniversity administration is being unusually quiet about the thefts that hit Waterloo College Hall over winter break.

Despite the fact that multiple sources within the residence have told The Cord and other media that upwards of 22 thefts occurred — including residence furniture and a flat screen TV — with one student losing upwards of $3,000-worth of goods, the university is downplaying the incident.  The university is still saying they’re looking into the matter, only admitting that there may have been a few thefts, of which “there is still no proof.”

Yet several students in WCH are missing their property. Does the university think they’re lying? Even more concerning is how hard Residence Life appears to be working to keep the issue quiet. Aside from not providing any real information to media, Res Life has attempted to prevent students living in WCH from talking to The Cord.

Why shouldn’t students be able to express their concerns? After all, this is nothing more than a simple safety issue. The security of WCH was compromised; the students affected have every right to be upset and express their anger or worry to whomever they please.

Furthermore, every student at Laurier — at the very least every student in residence — deserves to be privy to exactly what happened at WCH so they can avoid the same situation happening to them.  Yes, it is an ongoing investigation, so there will be some information that will simply not be available, but burying concerns doesn’t do anyone any good.

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