Laurier in brief: January 16, 2013


LaurierInBriefLaurier increases safety measures
On Jan. 14, Wilfrid Laurier University released its new Emergency Notification System, which can be used by students, staff and faculty.
With this new system’s, cell phones can be registered through LORIS, which will allow them to receive texts from Special Constable Services in the event of an emergency situation.
“Everyone carries cell phones now,” said Chris Hancocks, operations manager for Special Constable Services. “We figured that would be the best way to get everybody.”
This way, no matter where a student is, either on campus or at home, they will know if something is happening that would hinder them from being in a certain area on campus.
While it is an important program that Hancocks hopes will be successful, he stressed that Special Constables hopes it will never have to be used.
–Elizabeth DiCesare

Sushi returns to the Terrace
The empty displays at the sushi vendor which occupied the Terrace for the whole of last term are filled once again, but a change in provider accompanied the re-opening at the beginning of January.
Ryan Lloyd-Craig, director of food services at Wilfrid Laurier University, explained that Bento Sushi, which is currently operating, is Aramark’s contracted sushi provider for Ontario.
As Ah-So-Sushi was already under contract last school year when Aramark took over the Terrace it continued to operate for the remainder of its contract. Only minor changes to the menu will accompany the switch.
–Marissa Evans

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