This year in controversy

1. Cord makes one election endorsement
Re: “Cord endorsements,” Feb. 3

Very disappointed that they only provided a single endorsement. From years past there would be four or five individual endorsements, but I can’t help notice you gave the BOD multiple endorsements – hypocrisy at its finest.
–Luke Dotto

While I may not agree with what they wrote, there is no perfect way to do endorsements, except to not do them.
–Dan Hocking

I want to congratulate Kyle on receiving the one and only Cord endorsement this year. Of course I’m disappointed not to receive the endorsement, and more so I was also a little disappointed with the way in which endorsements were done this year.
–Kory Preston

2. FR!NGE star system review unwanted
Re: “Life on the fringe,” Jan. 20

Your article seems to reduce the reception of the festival to arbitrary scoring and generalized statements. We hope that future reviews of the festival present themselves as more justified in their evaluation and with more understanding of the spirit of FR!NGE.
–Kate Cooper and Adam Cilevitz

What we do NOT and have NEVER wanted is The Cord to speak for the student body and RATE our performances.
–Luke Dotto


But who needs facts when you write for The Cord huh? Just as long as you get something published right?

3. Dear Life: Foot Patrol, Pita Shack and Biz Kids

Foot Patrol
Dear Life,
I can’t thank Foot Patrol enough for being the black spot on the volunteering spirit in the Laurier community. You suck so much as human beings. Thanks for being a collective of douchebags.
Sincerely, Trainspotter

Foot Patrol serves two important purposes for Laurier. First and foremost, it’s a dating service.
–A Former Footer

It’s a dating service for the volunteers. No one is implying that they provide dates to lonely people.

Pita Shack
Dear Life:
Why do the employees at the Pita Shack on campus suck? Really, learn how to roll pitas. I’m sick of getting tomatoes and sauces all over me.
Sincerely, Give Your Employees a Tutorial on Pita Rolling.

Why does everyone hate the Pita Shack? We have feelings too. Sometimes your “thank yous” kinda sound like go #*!@ yourself.
–Buy a Salad

Business kids
Dear Life:
Why does every other faculty hate on business students all the time? It’s not our fault if we make up the majority of the school. But you know? It’s alright, it’s okay. You’re going to work for US someday.
Sincerely, Why Don’t YOU Try Calculating Combined Tax Problems?

Dear Business Student. You answered your own question. Its alright – your job will be outsourced to someone who actually knows how to research WITHOUT an attitude one day.

4. Charity Ball’s donation stirs emotions
Re: “It feels like fraud” Oct. 7, 2009

When at its full potential, CB can have some excellent results not only with raising money but with creating awareness for the charity and getting the Laurier community to work together.
– Darcy Maslen, Charity Ball Co-ordinator 2006-2007

If you don’t like the amount donated by Charity Ball, then do something about it – force the board to pass a policy on how donated materials are used and enforce a minimum percentage of revenue to be donated. Students need to remember that the union can’t read minds, they needs your input. 
–Asif Bacchus

Wouldn’t it have been great of 25 more WLUSP volunteers attended Charity Ball? Then there would have been a $1,250 donation increase to KidsAbility.
–Mya Wijbenga, volunteer liaison Charity Ball 2008-09

5. Campus Clubs is still disorganized
Re:  “Campus clubs still unable to access WLUSU money,” Oct. 21, 2009

Campus Clubs and faculty associations registering process was a high priority project that has resulted in a more efficient and easy-to-use system in which both returning and newly formed clubs can register and apply for appropriate funding all at the same time. 
—Lawrence Maclin, assistant vice-president: Campus Clubs and faculty associations

Good luck! Campus clubs is an absolutely useless organization! How do they continue their charade?

6. In depth article about animal testing inaccurate
Re: “Furthering science or exploiting nature?” Nov. 4. 2009

If readers knew anything about the science department at Laurier, you would know that the article is inadequate and makes many false statements.

This article is a gross misrepresentation of the animal care facility at Laurier. Do your research before writing an “in depth” article.

7. Laurier Chaplain writes on Christianity
Re: “Principled pluralism is needed today,” March 15

I’ve heard it said Jesus is like your penis. You may be immensely proud of it. It may give you intense pleasure. You might want to share it among your most intimate friends.
Other than that, nobody cares about it. Don’t take it out in public. Keep it to yourself.
Same for Jesus.
–Scott M.

I’ve heard it said that Scott M.’s opinions are like your penis.
–Brian B.

Re: “Have a subversive Sabbath,” Feb. 10

The Sabbath is a fictional day created out of a religion.
–John Galt

Galt: Wow, could you be ANY more robotic? I was enjoying this article until I got down to your fevered proselytizing.

8. Student Asif Bacchus is ‘glorified’
Re: “Nine years. No degree. No problem,” Sept. 30, 2009

Why should an article glorifying a peeping tom who gets a kick out of spying on unsuspecting women in their own dorms be permitted in our campus paper?
It is quite ironic that one of his pet peeves is “dumb people” when he is a complete idiot himself.
Is an image of an underachieving, perverted, alcoholic the image of Laurier that The Cord wants to present?
–Shay Beck

9. Cord editorial board dismisses ‘snow babe’
Re: “Naked snow woman is not controversial,” March 3

A headless woman with her legs open facing Albert Street, which has thousands of cars passing by daily, not only makes an issue of student behaviour, but is also a huge disrespectful act to women.
–Jackie Dobson, WLUSU BOD 09-10, chair of MSAC

It is irresponsible and dangerous for the editorial board to dismiss these arguments as they are ignoring how this incident is a representation of the systematic nature of sexual objectification/violence within our society and university
–Jen Holden

I must not have been watching the news lately. When did we lose our freedom of expression? The people who made the snow woman were not violating anybody’s rights. So, what gives anybody their right to take away freedom of expression?

10. Sudoku unsolvable

I came across a page from The Cord dated 2009-01-20 that had the Classifieds and a puzzle. I realized that it does not have a unique solution.
–Leroy J. Dickey

What happened to the Sudoku in The Cord?
–Cord, put a Sudoku in every issue!