The top five volunteer stories of the year

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1. Understanding the emotional value of soulmates and twin flames

In a romantic and wholesome article, staff writer Diana Edworthy touched on the details surrounding twin flames — the lesser-known, yet far more emotionally intense and unique version of soulmates. Their value is rooted in their rarity, and twin flames, regardless of the validity behind their existence, is a concept that is intriguing and fitting for a day that is dedicated to love and partnership.

2. “APESHIT” is an award worthy music video and the Carters deserve recognition for it

There are some pieces of entertainment media could be considered works of art, and the most powerful couple in the music industry took that concept quite literally with their Grammy-nominated music video APESHIT. Staff writer Breanna Royes broke down the iconic video with its Louvre backdrop and motifs that focalize black beauty and diversity and deconstructed the meaning behind the numerous artistic nods scattered throughout it.

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3. Experiencing the Juno Awards live for the first time

The Juno Awards have been a well-known and esteemed award ceremony that has recognized Canadian music since its first show in 1970. Being in the crowd of the televised music affair is far different than watching it on television, and staff writer Tyler Currie was fortunate enough to attend and document his experience from this year’s awards hosted in London. Standing in the crowd, Tyler was able to see passion and dedication from acclaimed Canadian artists like The Arkells, who made the night an unforgettable one.

4. Hangover remedies to try after a night out

Even though she’s never experienced them herself, incoming Video Editor Anne Marie Russel compiled a list of potential remedies to aid even the most persistent hangover. From natural remedies like ginger — because no one likes vomiting the morning after a night out — to simply remembering to stay hydrated and drink enough water, she gives advice on how to best tackle the not-so-fun aspects that come along after a few too many shots at Phil’s.

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5. The psychology behind kinks and seeking pain in the bedroom

The Valentine’s Day issue covered a variety of sex-positive topics this year and longtime staff writer Josh Goeree whipped up an article that discussed bedroom kinks and their psychological roots. Pulling findings from different sources and using his background in psychology, Josh shed a positive light onto the “taboo” aspects of bedroom life and encouraged readers not to yuck people’s yum, just because they may not enjoy it themselves.

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