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The top five volunteer stories of the year

The top five volunteer stories of the year

In a romantic and wholesome article, staff writer Diana Edworthy touched on the details surrounding twin flames — the lesser-known, yet far more emotionally intense and unique version of soulmates. Their value is rooted in their rarity, and twin flames, regardless of the validity behind their existence, is a concept that is intriguing and fitting for a day that is […]

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London, France, let’s talk about underpants!

I have some breaking news for you, so you better sit down if you’re not already. Women wear underwear. Along with the cultural obsession with bra straps, another worst-kept-secret seems to be underwear — namely, visible panty lines. “It’s very strange that underwear and the idea that people have to wear underwear is sexualized,” Alicia Hall, assistant coordinator at the […]

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