The Rude Native Bistro puts a classy spin on Uptown dining

From the outside, The Rude Native Bistro appears to be a trendy, modern
restaurant, located in Uptown Waterloo. Not only is this restaurant
appealing from afar, but the interior vibe of this uniquely designed
eatery is nonetheless a contemporary spot for a night out.

Walking in, I felt pretty under dressed in jeans and a cardigan, especially with
most people around me wearing high heels and dress shirts.

Especially when I saw what the waiter looked like… Needless to say I was pleased with the service right off the bat.

Upon arrival I was greeted with a friendly smile and escorted to my table immediately. It was surprising that on a Saturday night at 8 p.m. there was no wait at the door (which seemed to be a bad sign going in).

Surrounding my table were extraordinary pieces of art, along with low candle light
and soft music in the background. The drink menu on the table advertised five different drinks, ranging from sweet girly drinks to hard liquors and the prices were not shown, so I thought I was safe to stick with a water.

After looking at the menu (which was filled with a range of different cultural dishes) I decided on the grilled salmon, which included white rice and steamed vegetables. The food didn’t take long at all and was exceptionally good.

They use a lot of different spices in their dishes which makes even an average piece of salmon stand out. The vegetables served included broccoli and spinach. They were warm and melted with a buttery sauce. They complimented the salmon which was also cooked in the citrus peppercorn butter and perfect with plain white rice.

Any other type of rice would have been too flavourful, so I was glad the rice was on its own. They had a lot of different things to choose from that wasn’t your typical American-style meal, so beware to the picky eaters who would rather have a burger and fries.

Although the food is a little more on the expensive side, I would say
the overall experience was worth paying a little extra. My total meal
came to $27 plus tip (which was well deserved).

The prices on the menu ranged from $15 (for salads) to $28 (for entrees), which isn’t always in the budget for most students and explained why I was one of the only students there. I would suggest going there for a special occasion or it is a great place to impress a date — just make sure you skip the sweat pants and dress it up a little.