The Naughty Prude: Practice safe ‘sext’

My boyfriend and I have been going out for a couple of months and we started “sexting” each other. I think it’s fun, but now he wants to take it a little further by suggesting that we send photos of each other. I like the idea but then I keep hearing horror stories of people’s photos getting leaked. Am I setting myself up for humiliation?

This is a fantastic and relevant question, but a hard one to answer. My advice in terms of “sexting” and in your case the extremes of “sexting” nude pictures is that you only send them to a recipient that you trust. I am sure everyone at one point has sent a sext: they are flirty, fun and risqué!

Not only that, but sexting has become a relationship requirement for some. The mischievous banter between you and your partner via text are the fundamentals of technological foreplay. That being said, the boundaries of sexting can sometimes become inappropriate.

For a sender of a sext there is a level of suspense. You’re unsure how the recipient will feel when they receive your dirty surprise, and anxiously awaiting their response. Sexting is devilishly naughty and for some, undeniable. Breaking away from blasé texts including trivial questions, sexts infuse crazy stimulation.

For a couple that has surpassed the first few months of dating, sexting becomes regular, maybe even routine. That could be why your boyfriend wants something more.

This moves way beyond the harmless 140-characters long sext. Sending an image can create horrifying consequences. Even if you trust the recipient, the image can still find its way into someone else’s hands.

Though you declare that you are comfortable sending images to your boyfriend, do you need my validation?

Like I said before, trust is the major component. If you trust your boyfriend, why not indulge in sending photos?

You make the decision of where you want to draw the line. The only salient advice I can give you is be aware, smart and set rules. Make sure your boyfriend understands and agrees that these photos remain private between you two. When you both agree, send away.

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