The Justin Bieber Experience enthralls all

Everyone knows it was Justin Bieber’s birthday on March 1. Girls across the world flocked to their Twitter accounts to wish the teen pop sensation a “Happy Birthday.” Despite Bieber stating that this was his “worst birthday ever,”he certainly will be happy when he makes a stop at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener. THEMUSUEUM recently hosted The Justin Bieber Experience, which feature three display cases, appealing to the inner fan girl in all of us.

THEMUSEUM was where Bieber’s birthday gift from his father was displayed—a Batmobile-themed motorcycle. The motorcycle is a 2013 MV Augusta F3, personalized specifically for Bieber by Lucent AC. The bike came with a jacket and helmet, which are also on display. The exhibit also sports a signed pair of Nike shoes, a magazine signed by J-Biebs and his Christmas present from last year, a Batman themed skateboard.

On top of these artifacts, some of which date back to the year 2004, THEMUSEUM allows guests to enter a contest to win two VIP tickets to a Bieber concert, a ‘swag bag’ and the signed Nike shoes mentioned earlier. The Bieber Experience is stationed next to a Bob Marley exhibit, which displays some iconic memorabilia of the famous reggae singer.

A voice of the Bieber generation had the chance to see this exhibit, and in her words is a 15 on a one to ten scale of Bieber fandom. 17 -year old Stacy Hughes said that she “loves” the“Baby,”singer and that she “doesn’t want him riding the motorcycle” because he might hurt himself. “I like it, but I don’t think he needs it,” continued Hughes.

With the Never Say Never DVD playing in the background, Hughes stated that she “hates Selena Gomez” and can never forgive her for dating her man. She wants to make sure she also writes on the ‘Happy Birthday Justin’ wall that THEMUSEUM has set up for people of all ages to write birthday messages to  Bieber.

The exhibit closed on St. Patrick’s Day.

Bieber never did stop in Kitchener at THEMUSEUM, which seemed like a perfect location for the exhibition, although it is not actually in the hometown of the Canadian pop idol, the Kitchener Museum is only a 40-minute drive from the Stratford native’s house. The curator of the show only hoped that Bieber would tweet about the event.

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