The go-getter

(graphic by Stephanie Truong).
(graphic by Stephanie Truong).

The song “Call Me Maybe” runs deeper than just being a trendy pop sensation. A girl, interested in a boy decides to go against the norms of waiting around and ends up asking him out. Although this may seem startling to some, it is more common and, in fact, a way better experience than most think.

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new breed of girls in town and they’re called the go-getters.

The go-getters are the ones who don’t let a good opportunity pass by. After eyeing that guy and realizing that either the connection is good and they should hang out or they may not see each other again, instead of wishing and hoping that the multiple eye flutters and hair flips will do the trick of having them walk over, they go in for the kill.

Maybe they ask the guy for their number, hint the idea that the two of them hanging out was fun or they just simply ask “Hey, we should go out.” Despite the approach, being a go-getter is the most exciting experience to go after what you really want instead of having it pass by.

So ladies, why aren’t we all marching up to guys asking them to call us (maybe)? Because it’s scary. The idea of rejection isn’t fun. The idea of being humiliated is even worse.

Telling someone they’re cute and that you should go out isn’t most people’s cup of tea. It’s easier to sit back and cross your fingers that the guy can read our mind and do all the work when it comes to asking out.

As much as we like to think that we’re from two different planets, guys are exactly the same. Asking girls out, approaching them and putting themselves in a vulnerable position is equally terrifying.

Looking back at my relationships I have realized that, although I am shy and insecure in many ways, I have always been a go-getter. The biggest success of meeting someone interesting was when the person I came into contact with was sought out, not waiting around and hoping for someone cute to roll around. The opportunity was gained through the act of taking charge and going up to something that you liked. And that’s the same with life, the best things gained are the ones that take effort and reaching out. You can’t gain anything if you don’t go out and get it.

Do not feel ashamed for going after what you want and do not be scared to do so. The worst thing that could happen is that they do not respond or they say no.

This is the 21st century. If chivalry is dead and all we are left with is grinding at a club, then women might as well take advantage of these equal rights that have been given to us. So go put on your Claudette Colbert confidence, hike up your skirt and stop traffic by asking for what you want.

As you start to recognize your confidence you begin to see that you can go up to anyone anywhere. So the next time you see someone cute, just say “fuck it” and go over to them. All you have to start with is “hi.”

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