The facts about fellatio

(graphic by Steph Truong).
(graphic by Steph Truong).

The school term is coming to an end and I am sure many of you have indulged in numerous types of pleasure. While the topics of threesomes and sexscapades have been known topics explored, I have not yet focused on a very equally important and well-known topic: fellatio.

Besides the obvious reason of sheer pleasure, the emotional aspects signify the importance of fellatio within a relationship. Fellatio is one of the biggest acts of love and admiration with a partner. We must also remember foreplay is a quintessential element in sex and in a relationship.

If you have ever found yourself questioning the significance of fellatio, and deeming oral sex superfluous amongst your sexual routine, look no further. Below are some crucial tips for you to consider to maximize your experience.

Surrendering yourself completely to your partner:
This submission applies for both the giver and receiver of fellatio. The receiver has to allow himself to be completely vulnerable. This is essential in a relationship because it produces trust, which leads into the next factor.

The vulnerability attached to the art of fellatio produces a strong sense of connection between both partners. A solid physical connection to your partner fundamentally strengthens your relationship.

By giving you express the respect and love you have for your partner physically and emotionally.

The aim to please:
Some individuals harbor trepidation before fellatio, or just deny the idea completely, which is fine. Everybody’s moral boundaries should be respected and abided by. If the partner is understanding and welcoming to the significance of fellatio, both partners’ sexual energies connect and peak, igniting the intense need to please. The giver will gain satisfaction through the receiver’s pleasure and appreciation.

Allowing yourself to be selfish:
The receiver of fellatio is allowed to be completely selfish, which heightens their sexual pleasure. By no means am I endorsing hedonism, although the majority of us desire sexual satisfaction. Being sexually selfish, allows for a completely selfish orgasm. Allow yourself to be sexually liberated.

You and your partner deserve to have mutually satisfying sex lives. Sex keeps the body happy and healthy, especially when it is with someone that you care for.

Fellatio within a relationship, though important, is not demanded. If you do not feel comfortable do not do it. As I have stated time and time again, your partner should always respect you and your needs.

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