The early bird actually gets the worm


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Graphic by Fani Hsieh

Waking up early provides a person with a variety of benefits, including increased concentration and productivity throughout the day, but to do so requires keen discipline. You have to set a strict bedtime in order to get the proper amount of sleep.

Giving students the opportunity to challenge themselves and increase their productivity is The 6AM Club, a new club at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Founded by Brandon Chow in the latter half of the 2015 fall term, the 6AM Club focuses on individual and group exercises, helping members set goals and support each other while finding balance in their lifestyles.

“We go to the gym, either individually or as a group, and exercise. Ultimately we want to support each other, exercise and self-improve,” said Chow.

If you aren’t used to the idea of waking up early, there are some factors that can get you motivated to follow such a routine.

Early rising has been connected to the systems of successful entrepreneurs. An early morning can result in fewer distractions, which makes room for goal setting and daily planning for overall self-improvement. When you are able to beat the desire to stay in bed, you end up developing a mindset where taking control of your day and accomplishing all that you need to becomes very manageable.

When you are able to develop a routine of waking up early, you gain a better quality of sleep overall. The routine helps you adjust to waking up early and will also lead to falling asleep at night earlier. This cycle can help you set goals and stick to them.

“When I’m up that early, there is no distractions,” said Chow. “It’s really empowering.”

A member of the club, Saif Murtaza shared that this new routine helped improve his overall health.

“By managing my fitness sessions early in the morning, I found myself getting less stressed and worrying about my workout throughout the day,” said Murtaza.

Not only can a club like this contribute to fitness goals, it can also help you achieve personal and mindful goals.

“The 6AM Club has added that creativity aspect to my life again,” said Murtaza. “When you wake up at 6 a.m., it can be a beautiful sight to see. With a clear mind and focused energy, you are able to get work done better.”

Exercising is important, especially for students when controlling stress levels and allowing yourself to take your focus off of assignments and classes. It can be hard to fit in a workout if you are accustomed to waking up at noon and have several classes to go to during the day.

“A lot of students are mainly late risers, and that’s the way student life is,” said Chow.

He explained how at the beginning, some members were not early risers, but said this struggle was quickly overcome.

“You need to be consistent, and the 6AM Club introduces consistency into everyday life.”

When you wake up early, you have time to plan your day and fit in a workout to relieve some stress and reach fitness goals.

It can definitely be hard for the average nighthawk to follow a system of waking up early, but once you put your “mind over mattress,” nothing but improvement is sure to come.

“It’s a commitment,” said Chow. “But it is well worth it in the end.”

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