The decade’s oddball news

1. “Sniper attacks students”

Two suspects were arrested on 23 charges related to several pellet gun attacks. In a drive-by pellet gun shooting seven individuals were injured. One student was shot in the face and the chest.
Reported Nov. 27, 2002

2. “Volunteer fired after showing students weed in Foot Van”

Brantford’s Foot Patrol co-ordiantor was fired after he he showed weed to students getting a ride home while he was driving the foot van. He had also told volunteers they could drink in the Foot office on or before their shift.
Reported Dec. 1, 2004

3. “Faqiri refuses to resign”

The WLUSU board of directors requested the resignation of director Yusuf Faqiri, but they were unable to forcefully remove him. A censure motion was brought forward against Faqiri because of his poor attendance at board and other scheduled meetings. At this time Faqiri had already been elected to the incoming board.
Reported March 8, 2006

4. “A bomb threat is coming…”

A bomb threat, scribbled on a WLUSU job application, was discovered to be a hoax. The message said “a bomb is coming March 17th. Days are counting dow[n] Laurier.” The space for name of the applicant was filled with profanity.
Reported March 19, 2002

5. “Wedding proposal in Turret”

A second-year student became engaged to her boyfriend of seven months after he proposed to her over the PA system at the Turret on a Saturday night.
Reported Jan. 21, 2004

6. “Smoke ‘em while you got ‘em”

As of July 1 2002 the Centre Spot would stop selling cigarettes. WLUSU reported $18,000 in annual revenues from tobacco sales.
Reported Feb. 13, 2002

7. “Cord EIC ousted”

Maneesh Sehdv was terminated as editor-in-chief of The Cord, due to performance issues. Five members of The Cord’s editorial board resigned in protest. Sehdv successfully sued student publications for wrongful dismissal.
Reported Sept. 20, 2002

8. “Don’t let the bed bugs bite”

Students living in Bricker residence were concerned because of a bug infestation. Students reported having red welts on their bodies and finding bugs in their clothes and shoes.
Reported Jan. 25, 2006

9. “Two WLUSU directors resign”

Rishi Kumar and Mike Borrelli, who both considered themselves to be student activists, resigned as directors. Kumar was angry that a motion was put forward to censure him after he was accused of making fun of a group of WLUSU volunteers on Laurier Day.
Reported Dec. 10, 2003

10. “Career Services ‘covered in shit’”

The basement of the career services building, located at 232 King Street, was flooded with sewage water and feces. A section of the building was closed for a day.
Reported Sept. 14 2005