The chronicles of Rick Mercer

On June 13, at Centre in the Square in Kitchener, Rick Mercer was enveloped by thunderous applause as he took his place on stage.

As a part of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Mercer’s show My Adventures In Canadian Television narrated his career as a political satirist.

Jokingly known as Canada’s unofficial opposition, Mercer revisited some of his most memorable moments as a Canadian TV star, including his career-changing This Hour has 22 Minutes segment “Talking to Americans”.

Speaking to the audience, Mercer not entirely unseriously, credited his success to his extraordinary ability to bullshit.

Over the years, Mercer has come face-to-face with many politicians whom, Mercer explains, share a “mutually parasitic relationship.”

From splitting a Harvey’s meal with former Prime Minister Jean Chretien, to hugging Stephen Harper, Mercer has been granted ridiculous opportunities to shed a unique light on Canadian politicians.

“Politics is like my sport,” explained Mercer.

However, when asked if he would ever try his own hand in the political world, he warned that just because you can comment on and analyze a baseball team, doesn’t mean you can actually play baseball.

He also mentioned that he would have a difficult time being a backbencher and not being able to have an opinion.

Throughout his career, Mercer has experienced a transformation from a Newfoundland enthusiast into a Canadian nationalist.

This transformation was encompassed by a video documenting his visit to Bosnia, where he gained a sense of appreciation and sacrifice that goes along with being Canadian.

Following his rehearsed routine, there was a question and answer period for the audience. Mercer was asked if he had any regrets, to which he responded: he doesn’t speak French and he never graduated high school.

Despite these laments, he is extremely proud that The Rick Mercer Report has come to be considered a family spectacle that is enjoyed nationwide.

As one of the Canadian Broadcasting Company’s household names, Rick Mercer has undoubtedly made his mark on Canadian television and continues to produce innovative, informative and hilarious content for his Canadian viewers.