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Dealing in on phone usage: Investigating students and their screen time

Dealing in on phone usage: Investigating students and their screen time

Cell phones have impacted the way we connect with people, places and things in our world today. They impact the way in which we move through our environment and have restructured the relationships people have with others and machines themselves. I spoke with Neil Balan, a professor teaching at Laurier within communication studies, global studies and cultural studies, who partly […]

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“A ban is not a plan”: provincial government cellphone ban leaves schools without actionable strategies for implementation

On Mar. 15, Lisa Thompson, minister of education for the Ontario Provincial Government, revealed in a media release that, amongst other changes, a province-wide ban on cellphones would be implemented in classrooms beginning next September, as part of the new “Education that Works for You” plan. The plan, according to the release, argues that these changes “will modernize curriculum, modernize […]

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Phone games can have surprising benefits

From puzzle games like Candy Crush or Tetris, to card games like Texas Hold ‘Em, to strategy games like Clash of Clans and word games like Words With Friends, the rise in mobile and Facebook games have made a noticeable impact on our society as popularity towards “social games” have skyrocketed.  Since October 2017, Facebook has been investing heavily in […]

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Unsigned: constant cellphone connections are contaminating

This week, we received an anonymous “Letter to the Editor” from a student who was concerned with making meaningful relationships. This student, rather than wanting to be printed in the paper, wished to spark a discussion and highlight the dangers of our frivolous small talk. Sparked by this student’s letter, we decided the best course of action was to take […]

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