Surviving your study session when there’s no room


Graphic by Serena Truong

Does everyone remember back in January 2017, when students petitioned for more study spots in the Laz Hall? Well, since they finished construction on Laz Hall, study spots haven’t magically become a surplus at our small campus. This is why it is important to know the best places to crank out your next assignment that you are very unsure about.

The Solarium

This spot is unique for the heat that it brings. It gets hot enough — via the glass walls and ceiling — that the blanket scarf you brought with you for comfort is better off left at home. But, on the brightside — literally — the solarium is a bright and calm atmosphere for studying.

If you are not the one to enjoy a dead quiet study spot and easily get worries of intimidation from this, I would not recommend this area to you. But, if you are like me and like to get in your zone when studying this area will be ideal. The all glassed-in area offers really good and bright natural light. The best part about it is its close proximity to Starbucks for all of you coffee lovers out there!

The Lazaridis Hall

Taking advantage of the brand new business building, no matter your program, is always another option. The second floor’s long tables around the perimeter offers ample room for studiers, with nice natural lighting during the day, and overlooks the lower open floor.

If you enjoy people watching however, I do not recommend this spot for you. With its completion this year it has become a high traffic area, which means there’s plenty to distract you. This building also offers lots of group study spaces with big tables and white boards.

Bricker Academic

The upper floors of Bricker academic have ample places for studying. Big tables are placed around class rooms and do not fill up as quick as areas like Laz Hall or the Concourse.

This is probably one of my personal favourite study spots during busy times such as finals where it can feel near impossible to find a study spot.

Night time is the best to work in this area if you are looking for a quiet space, as classes are no longer in progress. When in doubt, this building connects to the science building where an ample amount of tables are placed under a group of very aesthetic looking trees.

The Smile Tiger Café

If you are looking to move away from the busy campus, a great café to study at is The Smile Tiger Café. This is located right beside the Kitchener Via Rail station. I found that this café is nowhere near as busy as the small cafés located in Uptown Waterloo, and it is much larger in comparison. They offer customers a relaxed vibe and with lots of large tables. It is a great place to be productive!

Your own Home!

Lastly, if you are one to enjoy your own personal space never undermine the ability of an at home studying session. This year, with a proper desk and dim lighting, I found that I had the ability to close myself off from the world and tune into my music, and really focus on what I needed to do. The comfort of your own space can be wonderful.

No matter how ugly your lounging clothes are, you can rock it.

Personally, the close access to food and zero annoyance from my surrounding peers are my two favourite parts of studying at home.

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