Students need to respect property

Recent vandalism on Saturday night against an electronic screen in the Concourse unfortunately showcased what happens when students mix alcohol and boredom with immaturity.  While the Wilfrid Laurier University’s bookstore suffered damages, for which the extent and cost is still unknown, the drunken idiots who committed the act, walk free.

It is expected that when students drink, especially amidst all the pressures of essays and mid-terms, they will need to let loose and get a little rambunctious. This would normally include dancing crazy and sending regrettable text messages rather than trashing public or private property.

Despite the significant social aspect that is a core piece of attending university, students should still respect the fact that they are in an academic institution. Really, how does breaking something add any enjoyment to a night out?

We complain about the bad reputation that students get in this city, but realistically, it’s tough to argue with, considering events like that of Saturday night.

With the rising cost of education, many students complain about the financial burden they must deal with. Instead of preserving the services and technology that have been provided to our campus, students who’ve had a few too many drinks destroy the property that they are consequently paying for.

When coming to university, students should leave this behaviour with other desperate high school antics as they are now representing an institution they are paying to attend. If you have too much school spirit to walk on the hawk, you should definitely think twice before drunkenly damaging property that will ultimately impact you.

—The Cord Editorial Board

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