Students important to the City of Waterloo


RE: Students Owed Nothing by Waterloo Taxpayers, Oct. 20

As a Laurier alumnus, I would like to point out to the residents of the greater Waterloo community (including “Carolyn”) that students are very much a part of “the real world,” and dismissing their desire for accessible polling stations is an acting to their desire and right to participate in the political process.  

When they pay their rent, (an average of $3600 or more annually), a portion of that money goes to pay taxes to the City and Region of Waterloo.

With over 50 000 students in this city, that accounts for a substantial portion of the income that the city earns.  

As a result, I don’t think it inappropriate for students to request reasonable access to polling stations, which, as students, they are helping to pay for.  

No one said the residents of the city owe students anything, but I truly believe the city very much does owe the students the right to have their voice heard!

—Jon Cameron

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