Student-to-professor ratios unknown

It’s very obvious: Laurier’s enrollment has gone up. There are more students than ever before and professors haven’t been hired to account for this.

Classes have students sitting on the stairs, but when asked for the new student-to-professor ratios, the current administration did not know who had access to this information.

Considering that all students have to enroll and all professors have to be paid, these numbers exist; however, the registrar’s office, the dean of arts and the VP: academic said they were not in possession of any such information, stating that the numbers would be made available later in the academic year.

The administration either highly disorganized or they are hiding something; whatever the truth is, the student-to-professor ratio is an important figure that does not appear to be a priority for administration to know.

Students and professors invest in the school and have a right to know what is going on in this institution.

Administration should not be telling the student population that it is natural for class sizes to increase, as the professor-to-student ratio has always been maintained at 23:1, until now.

If class sizes haven’t changed more than the usual increase, they should have physical evidence to prove it.

Professors are the ones who are really experiencing the burden.

Not only are professors in the dark about class sizes but they are also more directly affected than students, as they are the ones who deal with this in the long-term.

Professors now have increased amounts of work to grade and they must alter their teaching styles to fit such large lectures.

Everyone is witnessing the surge of students on campus and by hiding this information the administration is just hurting themselves.

Students and professors shouldn’t be told that class sizes are not being affected when evidence has yet to prove otherwise.