University is a place of opportunity

Post-secondary education, especially university, is highly valued in society; however, it seems that it is becoming more difficult every year to find a job with just an undergraduate degree.

There was a point when a university degree meant a guaranteed high-paying job, but now in order to differentiate yourself, many have been combining the skills that a college degree offers with the status of a university degree.

If university doesn’t teach specific skills for a job, what exactly is the point of it?

While there are useful skills in every department that are beneficial for future employment, such as knowing how to organize an essay, write a business proposal or name off the elements, these alone will never secure one’s dream job.

University has become more so an environment that offers opportunities, and it is the networking component of the university that lends itself to those who are successful.

Classes, although some may seem irrelevant, make people interesting and dynamic. They provide students with the tools necessary to connect with other academics and professionals who can help provide them with the opportunity to get a job or progress academically.

It is up to the individual student to make use of these opportunities, to reach out to professors and develop the social skills which will enable them to become successful after they complete their degree.

Students have the choice to make their post-secondary education what they are looking for. It is not the university’s’ fault if students fail to take the next step and push themselves.

It’s not necessarily a degree that is going to be the difference between dream careers and mundane jobs, it’s the person.