Student politics impact all of us

CordUnsignedReaders of The Cord will most likely notice an immense amount of coverage on the upcoming Wilfrid Laurier Univeristy Students’ Union election over the next few weeks. While it is important that there is a bias-free forum for students to inform themselves on the issues, candidates and platforms at hand, many students will ignore what they believe to be just a trivial student election.

It may seem that there are elements of popularity and pretty posters that can determine who will succeed in the election, the elected president and those elected to the board of directors, board of governors and senate do hold a remarkable amount of power that should not be so easily dismissed.

While many will dismiss the election as a waste of time, it is worthwhile to remember that the university community is not separate from the “real world” but reflects and impacts our behaviour in future national, provincial and local elections. It is still our democratic right to be involved in the process that ultimately will impact us directly.

One of the most common reasons students choose to ignore the WLUSU election is due to a feeling of irrelevance. Yet, for nearly every student who dreads checking their LORIS account twice a year to see the damage their bi-annual student fees have done, they should know how important responsible governance is. Considering the WLUSU Faculty Based Clubs & Associations Fee and Student Union building fee we all pay per semester, it should be apparent that we need to have our say.

We may not be able to opt out of these fees, but we are able choose who decides what to spend them on. And while the next few weeks will be full of extravagant promises, catchy slogans and maybe even a promotional costume or two, it’s important for as many students as possible to try and judge who the best people are to spend their money.

Yes, it can be difficult to care about, but the student government impacts your life. The over-budgeted and underwhelming Terrace expansion, the seemingly endless cycle of 2-4 Lounge renovations, even a portion of the controversial changes to the Dining Hall, were all matters involving the student government.
So this election period, take a bit of time, get in- formed and have your say. Don’t ignore the hoopla with a simple “none of this affects me.”

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