Student Life in 1911

In Depth Editor Rebecca Vasluianu with help from the WLU Archives has compiled information, photos and text about what it was like to be a student in the university’s first year of operation. At the time, it was called the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary of Canada and was a school of four students meant for the instruction of students trying to become ministers. The first class only had four students, who were all male. All photos and information, unless otherwise mentioned, are from the WLU Archives.

Dorm rules

6 oclock: Rising
7 oclock: Breakfast
7:45: Matins*
8-12: Instruction

12: Dinner*
12:30-1:30: Intermission
1:30-4:00: Instruction
4:00-6:00: Intermission
6:00: Supper

7:00: Vespers**

7:00-8:00: Reading, Study or Meditation
8:00-10:00: Study
10:00: Retiring

  • Matins refers to a form of morning prayer, typically
    performed at sunrise.

** Traditionally, dinner referred to the chief or largest meal of the day – the first meal in a two-meal day, occuring at approximately noon.

* Supper used to refer to the chief evening meal when had in an informal setting.

** Vespers refers to an evening prayer performed by
Lutherans. It comes from the Latin word meaning

Rules of Conduct

Every student is expected to be a Christian
Gentleman at all times under all circumstances.

Loud talking or boisterous conduct are to be avoided in the house or upon the street.

Smoking will be regulated in the dormitory and the grounds. It is forbidden upon the streets or outside the Institution.

Students must avoid theatres and places where liquor is sold.

No serious nor frivolous relations with the opposite sex will be tolerated.

Students are not expected to be absent from the
dormitory after 8 p.m. without permission from the House Father.

Students are expected to attend Lutheran Church
services on Sundays except by permission to the
contrary from the House Father.

Course Offerings

Preparatory Year
Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Physiology, General History, English, Rhetoric, Psychology, Logic, German, Latin, Greek, Geology, Astronomy

Junior Year
Scripture, Encyclopedic, Hebrew, Isagogics,
Systematic Theology, Historical Theology, Philosophy

Middle Year
Scripture, Systematic Theology, Historical Theology, Practical Theology

Senior Year
Scripture, Systematic Theology, Historical Theology and Practical Theology

Enrolled Students (1912)

Preperatory Level:
Mr. M Bitzer
Mr. F. Christiansen
Mr. H. Rembe
Junior Level:
Mr. N. Willison

The Seminary’s Mission
Article 2 of The Charter of the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary of Canada Charter states, “The purpose of this seminary is, and shall be, to educate and train worthy and competent men in the various branches of Theological science, to fit them for the Public ministry of the Gospel.” Students were educated in English and German in order to be able to preach in both languages. The Charter later states that “Every student, as a prospective minister of the Church of Christ, must cultivate and maintain sound and earnest Christian character and life, give daily attention to prayer and personal communication with God and His world, avoid frivolous unchristian companionship.”


Contingent fee at the beginning of the year towards expenses incurred for heating, lighting and care of building

Fee for instruction in all the subjects of any course in any year

Room and board

Around the world

Mar. 7, 1911
British physicist Ernest
Rutherford presents a paper regarding his discovery of the structure of the atom.

Mar. 16, 1911
Ottawa Senators win the
Stanley Cup.

Oct. 10, 1911
Republican Revolution breaks out in China.

Dec. 14, 1911
Roald Amundsen reaches the South pole.