Student engagement is critical for election results

With the student elections around the corner, it is important students understand the importance of campus engagement and the accountability of their vote.

All voters should gain a prior understanding of the representatives running and what they plan on bringing to the table. It is equally important to understand the responsibilities of each position. So allow us to break them up.

The president and chief executive officer play a crucial role in student advocacy and oversee major policies throughout the Students’ Union, ultimately becoming the face of the student body and bringing forward ideas to better student life. The board of directors determine the big financial decisions for the Union, monitoring how money is spent and governance. Senate is the academic governing body of Wilfrid Laurier University and is directly responsible for education-like decisions, such as the fall reading week. Finally, the board of governors is responsible for the financial property decisions of the university, like bringing in those statues you all love to argue about.

Students should be willing to talk to candidates and critically analyze what they are advocating for and they will do to maximize the student experience. These people are more than names on a ballot, so make sure you get to know them before you check a box.

Your box counts.

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