Student advances in MTV contest

After signing up for MTV’s S-Trip! World Intern contest weeks ago, Krista Korhonen, a fourth-year honors communication student at Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier, never would have thought she would end up with over 30, 000 votes, putting her in first place.

“It’s absolutely amazing; I’m blown away from the support,” said Korhonen. “I’m so thankful to everyone who’s been supporting my family and friends; it’s been pretty phenomenal.”

By next week Korhonen will be interviewed by over the phone, and two more aspiring travelers will be cut.

On the weekend of Nov. 26, MTV Live will be hosting S-Trip! on their show and will be conducting an onscreen interview for the chosen three. This student will be given the chance to travel both nationally and internationally.

“It’s suited for me; It’s everything about me,” said Korhonen.

During the voting process S-Trip! asked students to answer specific questions in their videos. One of the questions they asked was, “What’s one reason you wouldn’t want to go on the trip”.

“My answer was that your supposed to save the best for last….This is everything I want to do. I want to travel; I want to see the world,” Korhonen said.

“I will literally be the happiest girl in the world [if I win].”

Korhonen’s video had the most votes in the MTV S-Trip! contest