MacLean’s ranks Laurier fourth place nationally


It’s that time of year again –Maclean’s magazine has released their ranking of Canadian universities.

In previous years, Laurier has faired relatively well, maintaining a solid reputation for quality of education, innovation and research.

This year, for the first time ever, Laurier was named the premier primarily undergraduate university in Ontario, as well as fourth in Canada, tying with St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia.

According to Maclean’s, Laurier excels in the areas of hands-on help, scientific research, leadership development and, once again, innovation.

Vice-president of academics Deborah MacLatchy said that, “Overall, the best aspect of it was being top in Ontario for a primarily undergraduate university.

Nationally, we are in a category that is very challenging for us to compete in, so it does speak to the high quality of education here.”

Echoing MacLatchy’s sentiments, Laurier president Max Blouw finds that the university’s ranking proves that “Laurier continues to excel and show improvement in the most important categories.”

Despite this achievement, there is still room for improvement.

Among Maclean’s list of areas in which the university falls short were the limited number of study and workspaces on campus and the lack of parking.

The magazine also criticized Laurier’s exam schedules, which entails writing exams on Saturdays, the poor acoustics in the St. Michael’s campus building and the minimal nightlife offerings on campus.

The lowest ranking that Laurier received on the list was for its food services, receiving paltry marks for the limited selection, inadequate quality and high cost of food offered on campus.

When asked about the aspects of the evaluation where the university performed poorly, MacLatchy acknowledges, “We do take notice of areas for improvement.”

As for whether the Maclean’s ranking will greatly influence any changes or improvements that will be made to Laurier in the coming months and years, MacLatchy explains that the administration truly believes that “the best way to improve is to hear from the students about what they would like to see changed.”

Primarily undergraduate

1) Mount Allison
2) Acadia
4) St. Francis Xavier
4) Wilfrid Laurier
6) Lethbridge
7) Trent
9) St. Mary’s
10) Winnipeg

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