Laura Sedgwick: Great set! Was this your first time at CEMF?
Pat Kordyback: It is. We heard a lot about it and it’s the place to be and very fun!

LS: How does CEMF differ from some of the other shows you’ve played?
PK: The sound was great. I know that sounds like a lame thing to mention but the sound was just so good. And it seems like we got a really positive response. So we had a great time.

LS: Is the crowd here anything like your usual fan base?
PK: You know what, no. But that’s not a bad thing. I would say that there were probably a lot more people here for a different genre of music, heavier stuff. But its good and I’ll play in front of anybody. If they hate us they hate us, but its good to get out and play in front of people who we wouldn’t usually play for.

LS: Your sound is really unique from most of the bands here.
PK: Yes, yes.

LS: Is there any artist here you are particularly looking forward to seeing this weekend?
PK: I’m really looking forward to seeing The Artist Life. They sound like a lot of stuff I used to listen to and be really into so I love that band. They’re really good.

LS: Did you catch their acoustic set?
PK: I did! I actually recorded a song with them that they’re putting out soon.

LS: Oh yeah? Tell me about it.
PK: Its called “Sleep So Sound” and it’s an acoustic version. I have a little verse in there…unless they cut it (laughs).

LS: So what’s the plan for Stereos for the rest of the summer?
PK: We have a lot to do. I don’t even know what I’m doing tomorrow really. Just a lot of festival shows and we’ll keep working on the album. We want to get it out this fall.

LS: One last question I just have to ask, can you describe your fashion style?
PK: My style, oh. My style is horrible! That’s how I’d describe it! I don’t know, I really obsess over old basketball jerseys and collect them on ebay.

LS: What’s your favorite basketball team, New York?
PK: No, [I’m wearing a New York jersey now], and I have all these jerseys, but my favourite team is the Atlanta Hawks. I really like Atlanta teams.