Staying organized on your phone


anydo - (Android and iOS)
This app is a must for all chronic to-do list makers. It makes organizing tasks easy, which is the first step to anyone’s productivity. These tasks and to-do points can be organized according to time, date, theme or priority. This app obviously runs off a touch interface so you can easily drag and drop tasks into various categories on top of marking tasks as completed. Nothing can replace the classic WLU’er student planner, but if you prefer having to-do lists on your phone this app is for you.

buffer - ONLINEBuffer (Android and iOS)
This app will be a big hit for all you social media lovers. It allows you to send out tweets, Facebook messages, Instagrams and a bunch of other online content. You can schedule the posts for months in advance right down to the minute, which can really boost your online presence. This app is really made more for someone juggling a few different social media platforms for ultimate reach. That being said, you can get detailed metrics on online activity such as clicks, retweets, likes, comments, shares, mentions and more.

evernote - ONLINEEvernote (Android and iOS)
This is a cool app that you can use across multiple platforms. This will really help students who get too distracted on their laptops and don’t function well with pen and paper for note taking. It allows users to take and upload notes, pictures, audio and video snippets and carefully organize them into notebooks that can be synced across multiple devices. The formatting and sharing options are exceptional and would really benefit anyone trying to succeed at their studious endeavours.

One of the biggest time wasters holding students back from ultimate productivity is Internet nonsense. Have you ever been just scrolling through all your online notifications trying to deal with them all when you realize you’ve wasted three hours? IFTTT will fix this in a jiffy. The app automates tasks on your phone without you having to do a thing. You simply alter the settings so when something happens on the Internet involving you at any level, the app will deal with it accordingly whether that is a ring, a text or push notification

Vlingo - ONLINEVlingo (Android, Blackberry and iOS)
This app is used on all phone operating systems but seems to work best on the Blackberry. It is essentially like having a mini “you” in your phone. As if your phone didn’t describe you enough already, now you can have fast and accurate voice recognition technology mixed with the capability to listen to what you say. It allows you to literally say anything you want done on your phone. You can fire off a text, tweet or e-mail all with just talking out loud. Great for quickly connecting you with people, businesses and activities so that you can get things done while on the go.

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