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  1. So, you assert here that “discussion is the number one priority for these types of situations”, immediately after you condemn the anti-statue faction for voicing their opinion in what I would call a discussion. Students and faculty who are against the statue project have started this discussion by presenting their views, which you claim are simply offended for the sake of being offended. (I assure you, that is not why we/they are offended). The logic in that argument is baffling, truly. Additionally, the language used in this piece is unnecessarily rude and condescending – how on earth does being concerned that someone has lost their job make me a “ghastly character”? Overall, it seems that you feel personally offended that someone is offended about something, even though don’t understand why they are offended. Rather than insulting students and professors (namely Dr Finn, who is in no way trying to “cover up” history) using flawed logic, please present a rational case for supporting the statue project that extends beyond “don’t be so PC, guys!”.

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