Shots fired for BB gun suspect

Laurier individual responsible for shooting students with BB pellets has been arrested, WRPS say

Photo by Jessica Dik
Photo by Jessica Dik

Students at Wilfrid Laurier University will be relieved to hear the alleged BB gun shooter has been apprehended.

On September 7, three victims reported being shot by a BB pellet between King Street North, Hickory Street and Columbia Street. In one case, a female suffered critical injuries due to a shot in the eye.

Last week, Waterloo Regional Police Services and Laurier’s Special Constable Services announced via social media the suspect was arrested and charged.   

The 20-year old male Laurier student, Nick Pavlasek, was arrested for the connection to various pellet gun shootings.

Police said he lived in one of the residence buildings on King Stree near Columbia.

Mike Haffner, staff sergeant of WRPS, provided little insight on the situation.

“Until courting has happened, I can only disclose a little of the case,” he said.

Specific details such as how the suspect was caught or his intentions for the attacks could not be disclosed.

In the midst of multiple fearful events recently surrounding the city, such as the Laurier lockdown, it was an important accomplishment for WRPS.

“With a huge student population that comes in, the first couple of weeks coming into school this year, there has been a lot going on,” Haffner said.

“We have successfully discovered the source of the internet threat, and now catching the BB shooter, it is a huge accomplishment for us.”

Kevin Crowley, director of communications and public affairs at Laurier, said the suspect is prohibited from being on Laurier-owned property.

“The university has released conditions that prohibit the accused from being on any property owned, leased or operated by the university,” said Crowley.

With the charges now before the courts, the university has not released information to the public.

“Laurier is also reviewing the matter further as per processes set out in the university’s non-academic student code of conduct,” said Crowley.

Pavlasek appeared in court this past Wednesday to face two counts of assault with a weapon, possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon dangerous to the public and aggravated assault.
      He was later released on bail by the court.

Pavlasek is currently required to be under house arrest while living with his mother in Toronto.

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