Sept. 30, 2009

“The torch is basically the flaming torch of injustice.”
–AW@L member Adam Lewis explaining why the group has released a statement resisting the Olympic torch celebration that will take place in Kitchener.

“I can’t even explain it really, I jogged off to the sidelines and forgot we even scored.”
–Hawk’s quarterback Evan Pawliuk on his first touchdown pass in his first career start against the McMaster Marauders on Saturday.

“And … it’s also free.”
–WLUSU general manager Mike McMahon explaining one of the reasons why the students’ union is hiring a high school intern to help in the finance department.

“All of us have been touched in one way or another, have been emotionally wounded at one time or another, and have loved ones that have suffered.”
–Stephen Woodworth, Kitchener Centre MP, addressing mental health issues at the Minds in Motion fundraising walk that took place this past weekend.

“Apparently long names were a requirement for hiring.”
–WLUSU president Laura Sheridan introducing Jeyas Balaskanthan and Dimitiri Dimopoulos, who have been hired as food and beverage assistant managers for the students’ union.

“Nipissing was unaware that they were charging students illegally?”
–Board secretary Michael Onabolu regarding the Iteach fee that Laurier Brantford concurrent education students were being charged.

“We don’t rebuild, we re-load.”
–Manager of football operations and head coach Gary Jeffries on his team’s ability to be a contender year in year out.

“I was bored because my girlfriend had just left town for the weekend.”
–Laurier student Evan Sharp explaining why he was in the Quad Wednesday night. Sharpe was told by campus security to refrain from using his powerstilts in the new amphitheatre.

“We’re punking them … it’s an amazing gag.”
–Gordon Hatt, the executive director of CAFKA, speaking about the contemporary art that is currently on display throughout the city of Kitchener.

“The Green Party has become a force, and unfortunately the Bloc Quebecois remains a force because of this principle.”
–Son of the late former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau Justin Trudeau, who spoke yesterday at the University of Waterloo, on the $2 subsidy given to political parties with each vote cast in their support.