Lead Copy Editor

The Senior Copy Editor must be knowledgeable in grammar and spelling as well as Cord Style and CP Style. They must have strong leadership skills to manage a team of volunteers. Candidates for this position must:  

  • Assist in recruiting, hiring and training volunteers;  
  • Schedule copy editors to attend production nights;  
  • Ensure copy edits are completed in a timely manner;  
  • Approve copy edits that are subsequently submitted to the respective section editor;  
  • Attend All-Cord meetings;  

When using social media in regards to The Cord or WLUSP, the manager is expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner. 

Candidates for this position will be required to conduct an editing test at the time of their interview. They will be provided a news story and given 20 minutes to edit it as thoroughly as they can. This test is to show the applicant’s knowledge of proper structure, grammar, spelling and CP style.