See what gas prices are like here in our Waterloo Region

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As a brand new term of school begins, some you may be feeling particularly light in the pocketbook. Went a bit too hard over the weekend? Moving in cost more than you thought? Didn’t get as much from OSAP as you were expecting? Or perhaps you’re just a fiscally conscious and responsible adult, as the rest of us ought to be.

Whatever your reason may be, getting the most bang for your buck — for anything — is an essential skill if your goal is making sure you can get through the semester relatively unscathed. With the economy being constantly shifting and volatile at best, it never hurts to be a little extra aware of the best deals around.

Getting gas when you need it can be a stressful enough endeavour even if you do know your way around. If you’re new to the area or don’t know it that well, it can lead to angry turnarounds, panicked inputs into Google Maps and that nagging thought in the back of your head that screams: “I knew I should have just gone to that last gas station.”

And it’s no wonder that getting gas is more stressful than ever. In only one year, the average price of gas in the Kitchener-Waterloo area has gone up by nearly 26 cents a litre — a number that becomes staggering when it adds up over time. Since February of 2016, that number has almost doubled — at nearly 48 cents a litre.

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The biggest problem of high gas costs is the uncertainty and concern that it adds to drivers, particularly those younger drivers, who rely on pumping reasonably priced petrol into their cars so that they can put their minds to more important tasks.

Because of this, we at The Cord have taken the liberty of preparing some information that might ease the pain and tension of finding the best gas prices in the city, so that you can focus on the things that matter more — like panicking about all of the classes you now need to be at.

This is thanks to companies like GasBuddy, a massive database spanning across the U.S. and Canada that focuses on providing the most accurate, up-to-date and real-time information on gas station and fuel prices. They even have a handy app which you can download for your phone, which can help keep track of the most cost-effective places to fill up.

If you visit their website, they even provide reviews and highlight various amenities that some of the gas stations provide – the top choice on our list, despite requiring a membership, boasts that the “gas is better price than anywhere else” and a “clean and great pull-through system!”

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