SBE prof to edit major publication


Wilfrid Laurier University finance professor Brian Smith was recently named associate editor for The Financial Review, an academic journal that focuses on a wide variety of financial topics.

As the only Canadian on a panel of about twenty editors from around the world, Smith will be responsible for submissions pertaining to topics including insider training. The Financial Review is recognized as among the best financial journals. “This will bring international recognition for Laurier,” he explained.

The appointment to editor of the The Financial Review is yet another accomplishment Smith can add to his already impressive resumé.
During his time at Laurier, he has been a driving force in the establishment of the Laurier Financial Research Centre as well as the Laurier Student Investment fund. Smith is also co-ordinator of the finance department of Laurier’s School of Business and Economics (SBE).

When asked how his new position at the financial journal would affect his role at WLU, Smith was confident that there would not be conflict. “This will not interfere in my involvement at Laurier,” he said.

Dean of the SBE Ginny Dybenko, is incredibly excited that Smith will be representing Laurier through work at such a prestigious journal. Although there are an impressive number of professors from the SBE who contribute work to such publications, there is a great deal of pressure to gain further recognition for the school.

Dybenko explained, “Laurier has been putting a lot of effort to build up our research capability and our graduate program.”

With the push to attract students to business programs becoming increasingly competitive between universities, Dybenko stated, “It is important that Laurier is viewed as being an important contributor to financial journals, as it will add to the value of the BBA, MBA and other Masters degrees from the university.”

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